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Elizabeth is not your ordinary consultant! With her 16+ years of experience working in alternative education and her previous background in holistic medicine, she brings you an extra level of expertise in considering the emotional, intellectual, physical, and spiritual needs of your child when designing or evaluating your homeschooling plan.  

Working with passion, empathy, and understanding; and a veteran homeschooler herself, Elizabeth will help you overcome your obstacles to homeschooling with ease by addressing concerns or worries you may have; designing your children's curricula so they have what they need to excel and supporting you in her belief that you are the best person to teach your children.

Parents come to Elizabeth feeling overwhelmed, but they leave feeling secure and competent in their ability to homeschool successfully. Her goal is for you to teach your own with ease and confidence, and to help you provide a superior homeschooling experience for your family, so your children grow up to lived fulfilled and meaningful lives.


"I know Elizabeth Hanson as a remarkably intelligent, highly sensitive woman with a moral nature and deep insight into differences between schooling and education. Elizabeth's mastery of current educational difficulties is a testimony to her comprehensive understanding of the competing worlds of schooling and education. She has a good heart and a good head. What more can I say? I wish my own children had had such a mentor during their own growing up times.”  

John Taylor Gatto Distinguished educator, public speaker, and best-selling author of Dumbing Us Down: The Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling

"I found Elizabeth's perspective on education inspiring and refreshing, and it has given me the confidence to take on the adventure of educating my own children. Her voice is an important one during a time of great uncertainty regarding the future of education in this country."  Maureen M.

"Elizabeth’s advice was caring, customized to our child, and consistent with what we had been learning about gradually over the many months of research. There was a great blessing in her bringing everything together for us, with simple, effective advice. Her experience was immediately apparent, especially in simplifying what can seem like the very daunting prospect of deciding and starting to homeschool. We are looking forward to more guidance from her soon."  Aarif R.

"In a cloud of confusion and with little support from others, my husband and I struggled to understand how to take responsibility for our children’s education. We then found Elizabeth, who became our guide in leading the path to fresh and rich teaching methods.  Her experience and knowledge accompanied with a real sense of commitment in bettering our children’s education has made the impossible, not only possible, but also very easy and delightful."  Yousra M.

"Elizabeth has given us counseling and guidance to help us succeed with our home schooling. When I feel overwhelmed, scared, or lose my confidence, she offers words of wisdom and encouragement. She always reminds me that children learn best in a loving environment and to enjoy my children while they discover the world."  Sherry B.