Elizabeth engaged and consulted with great minds and educators, researched various programs including  The Trivium, The Well-Trained Mind, and The Great Books, and through much trial and error, not only of her own but also other homeschoolers and teachers, she organized a comprehensive academic program that eliminated the laborious task of determining exactly what books to include in a program of study.

The name Lost Tools Curriculum is borrowed from the famous essay by Dorothy Sayers, where she refers to the “lost tools of learning” as those subjects which, until recent times, were fundamental to an education. The lost tools are the seven liberal arts and they include developing the skills necessary to think critically, write intelligibly, and speak persuasively--a must for people of a free society. 

The Lost Tools Curriculum is an elementary grade program and the curriculum books can be purchased by visiting the Lost Tools Bookstore. For homeschooling parents whose children were previously in public or private school, or who have been using other homeschooling programs, it is advisable to customize the curriculum to each child’s academic level.

Children will benefit by being taught from the Lost Tools Curriculum, an elementary level homeschool and private school program that is designed to exceed public school standards and to reintroduce the concept of gaining a mastery of subjects, rather than just the passing of tests.  The Lost Tools Curriculum, covering preschool through sixth grade, was introduced in 2003 to raise the bar to that of the grammar school education that America knew when her literacy rates were at their highest.