Public Speaking

Elizabeth gives a variety of talks, workshops, and seminars for parents and teachers, including her best known, EARLY RIPE, EARLY ROT: Why a Late Start Is Smarter, and How Children Learn Best. To schedule an event with Elizabeth, please click here

EARLY RIPE, EARLY ROT: Why a Late Start Is Smarter

With the increasing rates of illiteracy and the declining of common sense, Elizabeth draws on overlooked modern research to illuminate better ways to raise and educate children. Her workshop addresses topics such as parent/child bonding, the importance of free play, developing good character and spirituality, understanding your child through the four temperaments,  effects of technology on young children, value of time in nature, wholesome nutrition, and when and how to introduce formal education; topics which are vital not only for the well-being of children, but for the ripening of their minds to excel academically. Elizabeth helps parents understand that each child has unique learning needs, and to this end, she provides a guide for both understanding when a child is ready for formal learning, and how to choose a school or homeschool to ensure your children become their very best. 

How Children Learn Best

When to begin formal education, understanding the optimal learning environment, choosing and developing curricula, what makes a good teacher, nurturing the love of learning, self-directed learning, discovering the classics, establishing homeschools, private schools, and improving upon larger schools, and how to keep the flow of learning natural and vibrant within a formal plan of study are the topics for this seminar. 

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*A classical education focuses first on providing a thorough study in grammar which, for the elementary grades, will become the basis for studying the classical subjects of logic and rhetoric later. Once the core of a Western education, a person was not considered to be educated if he had not studied grammar, logic, and rhetoric. These are the necessary tools required to think critically, write intelligibly, and speak persuasively. -- a must for people of a free society.