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For parents seeking an alternative to public schools, but are unable to homeschool, establishing a small, private school with family and friends is an easy alternative. You get all the perks of homeschooling with the added benefit of a built-in community; your very own village in which to raise your children. Don't be daunted by the mere idea of it! With our holistic education consultant, Elizabeth, medically trained in a holistic world view that flows into her educational philosophy and understanding, she will break the job down into small, easy-to-do tasks that you and your colleagues can perform. The small, private school model is within any parent/educator's reach—it really is NOT rocket science. 

Combining her holistic medicine and education expertise and looking at the whole picture including the emotional/intellectual/physical/spiritual needs of your students and your school, Elizabeth, our holistic education consultant, tackles all matters pertaining to the establishment and operation of small, private schools. If you dream of establishing a school, or if you are currently working with a school that needs help, please don't hesitate to schedule a private school consultation with Elizabeth. Rather than further delay, why not get started on the right path today?