Alternative Education Solutions

Do you sometimes worry that your children seem exhausted, over-scheduled, and stressed-out? Does your gut feeling tell you that just maybe, when it comes to raising and educating our children in the 21st century, we have got things really wrong? Do you find yourself increasingly impatient with the national obsession with teaching to the test and super kid accomplishments? If you are, rest assured that you are not alone, and that there are alternatives to this madness.

My Story  (the short version)

My name's Elizabeth; I'm a holistic medical practitioner turned educator, and I've worked for the past 15 years as a coach, speaker, homeschooler, writer, and activist to help parents and teachers find better ways to raise and educate children. I'm convinced, based on years of experience, and plenty of research and observation, that if we follow our instincts and apply a little bit of reason to the way we raise and educate our children we can raise them to be better educated, to have better character, and to be more content with their lives than the national average today, which is frighteningly low. 

What The Experts Say

Child development psychologists like Dr. David Elkind and educators like John Taylor Gatto, are emphatic that national tendencies, such as academic learning before a child is developmentally ready and long hours spent in classrooms--plus hours spent at home doing homework--may cause more harm than good. We know that super kids can burn out long before their time, and that approximately 15% of children are now at risk for stress-induced medical conditions like anxiety, depression and obesity: a risk that was virtually unheard of before the 1970's. We also have recent predictions stating that 30% of this generation's children are expected to be unfit for an entry level job, and an average child now spends less time outdoors than a prisoner. It is time to stop and take stock of the situation.

Seminars And Coaching

And this is where I step in. Through my seminars, workshops, writing, and coaching, I work as an advocate for parents and children by debunking many of the myths that have crept into Western society about raising and educating children, and I offer you solutions that modern research and time-tested wisdom have proven to work much better.  Read through my website to get a sense of my work, and then contact me directly to discuss providing a seminar/workshop that is specific to your community's needs, or schedule a time to consult privately about your family's concerns. Together we can make a difference to reverse these strange trends and create better lives for our children.