Do you find yourself increasingly impatient with the national obsession for super kid accomplishments? Do you sometimes worry that your children seem exhausted, over-scheduled, and stressed-out? Does your gut feeling tell you that just maybe, when it comes to our children's education, we have got things really wrong?

If you do, rest assured that you are not alone because child development psychologists like Dr. David Elkind and educators like John Taylor Gatto, are emphatic that national tendencies, such as academic learning before a child is developmentally ready and long hours spent in classrooms--plus hours spent at home doing homework--may cause more harm than good. We know that super kids can burn out long before their time, and that approximately 15% of children are now at risk for stress-induced medical conditions like anxiety, depression and obesity: a risk that was virtually unheard of before the 1970's. To top this off, our public schools are failing our children academically at alarming rates. The United States ranks relatively low in global literacy and mathematics scores, and in spite of the 550 billion a year we spend on public education, 7000 high school students drop-out every single day!

Elizabeth, a holistic medical practitioner turned educator, will argue that if we follow our instincts and apply a little bit of reason to counter these unnatural and alarming trends in education, and in our children's well-being, our children will grow up to become better educated adults, who will be more apt to become productive members of society and live more fulfilled lives. She is convinced that we could reverse the downward trajectory our country is on simply by applying a more holistic and time-tested approach to the way we raise and educate our children. 

Therefore, please join Elizabeth on her mission to make a positive change in the 21st century, as she debunks many of the myths regarding parenting and education today and shows parents a way that might work a whole lot better. Invite her to give a seminar in your area, or schedule a time to talk privately with Elizabeth about your concerns. Feel free to browse the Lost Tools Bookstore to find her book recommendations and the Lost Tools Curriculum for elementary grade children. Last, but not least, don't miss Elizabeth's blog where she will share her latest musings on the wonderful world of raising and educating children. 

"I know Elizabeth Hanson as a remarkably intelligent, highly sensitive woman with a moral nature and deep insight into differences between schooling and education. Elizabeth's mastery of current educational difficulties is a testimony to her comprehensive understanding of the competing worlds of schooling and education. She has a good heart and a good head. What more can I say? I wish my own children had had such a mentor during their own growing up times.”

John Taylor Gatto

Distinguished educator, public speaker, and best-selling author of Dumbing Us Down: The Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling